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This Week at ECEW

February 17, 2010

Coffee Connection at JUST CHILL in Park West
Thursday, February 18 8:30AM – 9:30AM
Strategic Alliances:  What types of alliances could help you grow your business?
Sponsor: Tab Lowcountry

How To Get the Most Out of Your ECEW Membership

Attend 2 ECEW functions each month

Bring 1 guest per month

Generate 2 referrals for an ECEW member each month

Serve on 1 committee

Please visit the members area of our website, login and complete your member information! Be sure to upload a photo!  click here


Presenting the Carlisle and Per Se Collections NY
February 10-17
Susan Marlowe and Ferdi Stevenson
Professional, Resort, Casual and Cocktail, Jewelry, Accessories and Leathers
Designed for smart and sassy busy ladies.
We will have over 700 fabulous designer garments that mix and match for value and versatility.
Sample our complete online brochures at and

ECEW members receive special discount. Use Code:ECEW. Sizes 0 – 18. Visa, MC and creative payment plans! Because YOUR clients and competition should never be better dressed than YOU!
contact for more information.


TAB-LowCountry, founded in 2004,is a Savannah to Charleston members-only organization of business owners, CEOs, presidents and partners whose members meet once a month in board-of-director-like groups of 8-12 owners. Our board members bring their challenges and opportunities to discuss with the group and receive practical business advice from their fellow business owners. Members also receive monthly private coaching at their offices geared to setting and achieving business and personal goals. Currently, over 70 TAB-LowCountry members receive peer guidance and direction to help them:
increase revenue;
improve profitability;
operate their businesses more effectively

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